What’s so bitter about the sweet sugars?

What’s so bitter about the sweet sugars

We all have a craving for the sweetness of White sugars. Watching movies in Cinema seems incomplete without a bucket of popcorn and some kind of aerated sugary drink. For me, this sounds to be some kind of insatiable traditional practice. But we never know the hard after effects.

You all must have been hearing and reading a lot about the sugars that contribute to ill-health. Is that true ? If yes, To what extent? If not, why was it blamed to be one of the reasons for uncontrollable magnification of a person’s weight ? These questions at first startled me, I never pre-checked the contents of food / drinks except for calories & nutrition supply, until I started following the health news from various news channels. Although the view points are different, they all have a common understanding — growing health problems due to consumption of deplorable sugars. However, the talk of tax policies, arguments and decisions of governments, all these keep rolling the people without landing to any corroborations.

“Why is everything so confusing :-/”

What’s happening to the health of public is so depressing :

Sugars — very sweet in taste, enhances the taste when combined with other ingredients and of course, irresistible. But, all the sweetness have been exhibiting terrifying results since years. Sugars have : Glucose and fructose. There isn’t lot of chemistry class here 😛 , just a general information. So, Glucose is considered as a healthy supplement, while the Fructose gets piled up in liver in the form of bad fat. Intake of immensely colossal amounts of sugar is problematic to our health. People around the world are suffering from Diabetes & obesity and I believe, the only reason to falling in such a trap is high consumption of Sugar.

The scientists are unable to draw conclusions, but there are a couple of announcements that instruct to strictly cut the intake of sugars. One of the news article quotes “Sugar is the new tobacco”. It does not harm the body as much as the tobacco does, provided with 50–70g (variable with age, weight and other health conditions) of prescribed sugar consumption per day. But, the promotional strategy of marketers always target the youth. Not only men and women, but also children are being bloated with the Obesity. This is because, the drink manufacturing companies invest millions and billions of dollars and so they advertise their products of sugary drinks in a refreshing-relishing way to attract more customers. A small can of coca-cola has more than 5 cubes of white sugar, exceeding the amount that our body actually needs. In addition to that, the calories of sugary drink have been increasing with a minimum of 3–6% through years since early 1960’s.

One real-life example :

People in 20’s and early 30’s are affected by the type 2 diabetes. Recently, I attended a friendly gathering a kind of reunion , where I met one of my old friends. In the course of our conversation , I came to know about her diabetes. I was shocked, as I thought it to be a 40’s or 50+ health condition. I gave her the contact details of a doctor who follows “naturopathy”; a natural way that cures several health problems. Days past. One day, I received a call from my friend saying that the naturopathy was showing its shades and she could see the level of her diabetes calming down slowly. The diet control given to her was to consummately cut intake of artificial white sugars and the aerated (soda) sugary drinks. Additionally, the vegetable “beans” was recommended. Naturopathy is the best solution as it doesn’t have any other side effects since it only uses nature derivatives.

What is the argument of Sugar tax / soda tax?

The actual motive of these sugar and soda taxes is to encourage people to follow more healthy diet cutting down the sugars. Now, we all are aware of the health loss with hefty intake of sugary / aerated / soda drinks & white sugars. As per sources, the soda tax was introduced in 1994. The United States, France, and later Singapore, Mexico started taxing on sodas and sugars as there was a significant reduction of calories in drinks and appreciable weight loss of people until 2006. Continuing with the same positive motto, the tax rates were increased to more than 20% across the world so as to get down the number of obese & diabetic count. But, there is something inequitable — the job status of millions of people working in sugar / soft drink industries. This led to controversies between & within states and countries whether or not to consider incrementing the sugar tax. Keeping in mind the low and middle class category, a reasonable way of finding solution to reduce obesity & diabetes problems is to increase the subsidies for the production of healthy foods.

In 2013, The guardian published an article where in Dr Robert Lustig compares sugar with harmful toxic drugs. He adds, raised insulin levels in the body are responsible for increasing obesity problems. A point raised by a medical officer, about giving educational touch to this issue by creating sugar (calories) awareness among people thereby helping them to cut sugars and reducing overweight. Every year there is something better and supportive things happening around the world. But, there is certainly a high risk when more sugar is added to the naturally sweetened fruits. Sugars are definitely “addictive”. 

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There was a seven point plan made in 2014 by Action on sugar specialists. It includes reducing sugars in foods, reducing fat in foods, reducing processed foods, and so on. Furthermore, there was a special focus on child obesity by making healthier diet foods. Next time when you buy food products, make a habit of checking the added sugars. It’s not suggested to go beyond 5% calories per day. According to a survey of 2008–2012, teenagers were marked high on consumption of more than restricted amounts of sugars say up to 15%. Second were children of <10 age group. This seems to be scary. Youth and children always have been on the top affected list.

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There was as high as 20% sugar tax recommended by England in 2015. People were against the higher tax rates instead demanded to produce healthier foods, which I think is more appropriate for health and wellness of all the people. Recently on BBC , a popular Chef, Jamie Oliver shared his views on Sugar tax ; says as long as there’s something better, he doesn’t mind getting the tax. UK has more obese people and while 20% tax was announced, there was a prediction this year that says the high tax rates could save approximately 3.7 billion people by 2025.

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Change4Life sugar smart app is a handy one that shows how much sugar does the food or drink has, by just scanning the bar code. But, the apps are confusing and panicking people by showing wrong outputs says the sources: the telegraph & independent.co.uk. All we can do is reduce daily sugar consumption and fight Obesity & Diabetes. Particularly, children are so delicate and needs a lot of care : right food = right health = reduced health problems = well-being & happiness. Last but foremost thing, stay in touch with sugar updates from various news channels, books, blogs etc to stay fit and healthy 😃

The public talks:


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There’s a diet plan I would like to share : http://expressovegan.com/eating-rich-healthy-diet-chart/ . It’s mainly for vegetarians. Follow this for a healthy living:)

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