Veggie Hash brown

Serves:2 ; Preparation Time: 30 min
Sometimes, we feel bored to eat food because we follow the same recipe as a routine! I think we can start experimenting by changing either the main ingredient or by changing the procedure of a recipe thereby keeping all the ingredients same. After all, we badly need  routine-break (change) that can cause a kick-start (interest) again. 
     I was tired and bored of regular dinner recipes and started referring youtube recipe videos. This time, I seriously wanted to try recipes from experts.  As I had only few veggies in my pantry, I was probing for the recipe that used minimal ingredients to make a tasteful yet stomach-full dinner. This fast forward recipe video of stuffed hash brown omelette : was very impressive. I tried with whatever ingredients I had that day. Though I made few changes in my version, the taste was flawless. The crispy potato layer adds up an extra feather to the already delightful dish. The recipe is simple but requires a lot of patience. 
Veggie Hash brown
Veg hashbrown
Procedure :


hash brown
Veggie hash brown