Yellow Smoothie

Serves: 2 ; Preparation time: 5 min
Do you really know what the real addiction is? Tiredness could be best remedied with this secret element fed to you ! And then you will one day discover the meaning of addiction when for some reason there’s an unexpected break.When I said “element”, I actually meant the freshly produced natural fruits. Fruits can never have a supersession nor should be superseded by hybrid ones ; what we call as genetically modified. Fruits are best when their characteristics are kept natural. It’s always good to start the day with fresh smoothie / fresh fruit juice, as fruits are powerful in cleaning the uninvited guests “bacteria” preying our digestive system. So I always prefer to have fruits in some form either for breakfast or post-dinner or sometimes I even have it twice a day. 
Smoothie is specially recommended for the ones who feel lazy (like me :-P), to cut the fruits or make it into fruit salad. Stock of dry fruits at home could never be finished as we don’t give much attention to it.  Combining dry fruits with any smoothie would be a great idea. Let’s see how to make this creamy yellow smoothie:
fruit smoothie
Yellow smoothie
Ingredients :

smoothie with fruits <figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Yellow Smoothie</figcaption></figure>

Tip: Yoghurt gives a fluffy texture to any smoothie. Additionally it balances the taste. I usually prefer to add the “Greek” yoghurt. It comes with many flavors but natural and honey are my favorites. If heavy fat bothers you, then you can always buy a non-creamy (lite) ones. And for the milk, natural or almond milk can be added depending on the fruits you choose. Because almond milk doesn’t go well with all the fruits.