Hara bhara kebab

I can still remember the day when I was searching for this delicious appetizer “Hara bhara kebab”. During a long weekend me and my husband planned a trip to Indonesia (Bali) a very lovely place filled with beautiful nature , well-built temples, beaches and mountain range. It was 5 day tour. We organized our day visits to places there accordingly. The hotel we stayed in, the driver (friendly person) who drove us to places all 5 days, local food and of course people, were all good. But, by the end of second day I was craving for Indian food and mainly for some kind of spicy appetizer particularly “ hara bhara kebab”. I know it sounds weird to have such a specific craving. We googled and found a good dhaba style restaurant. It was a punjabi restaurant. We were soon in the restaurant holding menu. My eyes could not wait longer to catch a glimpse, my mouth started showing the signs, my tongue moved restlessly, all my senses were in perfect condition when I was going through the menu card. Finally I found “hara bhara kebab” on their menu and without second thoughts I ordered it. It was authentically tasty and we gave honest feedback for serving such delicious dishes that is homogeneous to what we get in India. 
I have made this appetizer a lot of times but there wasn’t a chance to click a photo 😛 as you all know a recipe is incomplete without a crisp photograph. This time I captured a step by step picture which I think would be helpful for all the viewers. 😃
harabhara kebab, veg kebab
hara bhara kebab

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  1. In my recipe, I have half-fried the kebabs in oil and then toasted them on a non-stick flat pan.
  2. Apply little oil on your palms to make kebab shapes so that the dough doesn’t stick.
Now, its serving time! I served my hot and spicy “hara bhara kebab” with a salubrious avocado side dish. I was bored with regular sweet chutney and ketchup, so I thought, why not try a fusion here?? Indian appetizer with a western dip…..!!!  I served the kebabs with Guacamole dip (mashed avocado & a dash of lime). It doesn’t just sound good !!! taste it and you will know 😃