Bisi bele bath

BISI BELE BATH : (Red gram & rice boiled and mixed with whole spices)
Serves: 3; Total Time: 30 min
A traditional dish with many assorted veggies and clarified butter added on the top makes it an authentic “BISI BELE BATH”. It is a famous food of karnataka state, India. Large number of ingredients works on the taste of this amazing rice dish. Bisi bele bath is healthy as it has a large quantity of red gram ( great source of protein mainly for vegetarians). It serves a great feast as it has approx. 199 calories for 1 bowl of bisi bele bath.
The exact karnataka style of preparing Bisi bele bath has no veggies. It is made with spices, red gram and rice. But to make it more tasteful, try adding vegetables such as potato, carrot, beans, etc.
Bisi bele bath recipe
Karnataka special – “Bisi bele bath”
Ingredients for bisi bele bath powder :
 – Heat oil in a pan, roast all the ingredients mentioned, until light brown and grind them into a fine powder in a blender.
 – Store this powder in a container and use as and when required.
I served Bisi Bele Bath with my favorite “Khara Boondi Raitha”