Mysore bonda

It is highly recommended to balance the diet proportions that our body needs in order to function perfectly. Always the bad fats ( some fried snacks) must be compensated with fresh fruits / fruit juice / lots of fresh veggies / butter milk. Also, liters of oil goes in for the deep-fried snacks, which is not at any point reusable. (Do not store or reheat or use the oil which has already been used once). Once in a while our body can accept these fats but not good if consumed in regular intervals. So, we can eat the fried snacks once in a fortnight which is very reasonable way to have a grip on our diet. 
“Anything and everything’s good as long as it is in the limits.”
The recipe of Mysore bonda / Mysore bajji is very easy. If you are expecting some guests and you want to make something instantly of course a very tasty one, then “Mysore bonda” is the one you are looking for. Now, this could either be made instantly or even the batter could be stored to use it after an hour or two.  
Mysore bajji
Mysore bonda
Main Ingredients:
Ingredients for frying:

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In some parts of India, it is a very popular Morning Breakfast / tiffin. In tiffin centre, Mysore bondas are served with coconut chutney. But, the street shops serve them with a whole green chili fried, chopped onions, little dry mango powder (Amchur) sprinkled on the bondas. They taste really good with all those additives.